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5001 FAHDF – Data & Flash

5001-FAHDF-Date and flash

Key Features: 

  • Monitors A/C system working pressure
  • Recovers and recycles refrigerant with a pause function
  • Electronically monitors and displays the amount of oil and refrigerant recovered
  • Evacuates system with pause and timed function
  • Electronic leak testing under vacuum
  • Oil and UV dye injection
  • Electronically charges with high accuracy
  • Fully automatic (all in one) function
  • Thermal printer for record-keeping
  • Upgradable database
  • Refrigerant management and transfer function
  • Integrated flush function


Refrigerant: R134a
Chassis: Solid Steel construction powder coated
Cylinder storage: 27kg
Gauges: Low pressure -30 to 250 psi, High pressure 0 to 500 psi OperatingTemperature Range: 0-50 degrees Celsius
Recycling filter-drier: Solid core in line 1⁄4 flare connection Recovery rate: 380 gram/min (liquid state)
Vacuum pump: 2 stage, 100 lit/min (3.5cfm)
Service Hoses: 3 metre
Dimensions: Width = 62cm, Depth = 60cm, Height = 112cm
Net weight: 85kg

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