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5001 (HFO-R1234yf)


New 5001 basic model dedicated HFO-R1234yf with new
spark free internals, Monitors a/c system working pressure, recovers, recycles, evacuates systems, oil and UV dye injection, Electronically monitors charges and service intervals. Complete with Automatic (all in one) cycle.


Refrigerant: R-1234a, 27kg
Vacuum pump capacity: 115 l/min (4CFM) – Dual stage Vacuum level: 20 microns
Refrigerant recovery rate: 0.4 kg /min (liquid state) Service hoses: 3m, R-1234yf quick couplers
Gauges: LP & HP – D 68 mm kl.1.0
Max. operating pressure: 22 bar
Number of filters: 3
Operating voltage: 220 – 240 VAC / 50-60Hz
Chassis: Sturdy all steel construction
Dimensions: 62 (W) x 60 (D) x 112 cm (H)
Weight: 85 kg
Approvals: CE

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