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Ariazone 5001 FAHD (R-134a or R-1234f DATA)

Automotive A/C Service Station

The unit is suitable for servicing passenger and commercial vehicle air-conditioning systems

Ariazone-5001FAHD-DATA-R134a-or-R1234yf-Ariazone copy

1. Robust metal casing, powder coated for optimum resistance to the workshop environment. Two ergonomically located handles (front and rear) for easy movement. Rounded chassis cover corners prevent damage to vehicles.

2. Only 6 buttons for quick navigation and easy programming of all functions Control panel and gauges are at the optimum angle for viewing.

3. Easily accessible hermetically sealed containers for both UV dye and oil prevent moisture contamination from the air.

4. Optimised internal design for simple servicing and fast maintenance. All copper tubes with brass flare connections prevent leaking out refrigerant or Oil.

Ariazone 5001 FAHD (R-134a or R-1234f DATA) technical data

Ariazone 5001 FAHD (R-134a or R-1234f DATA)

5001 FAHD (R-134a or R-1234vf) is a user-friendly tool specifically designed for automotive air-conditioning technicians, to carry out the following functions:

Testing air-con System

Two large gauges mounted on the front panel for easy viewing will assist the technician in performing A/C system testing and diagnosis.

Refrigerant Recovery

The refrigerant is reconditioned during the recovery process making it possible to re-use it immediately. The unit accurately measures the amount of recovered refrigerant.

After each recovery process, recovered oil from the refrigerant is automatically discharged and measured.


The powerful two-stage vacuum pump ensures fast and deep vacuum and full dehydration of the serviced a/c system.

An audible and visual alert will advise the technician of a leak in the A/C system when under vacuum.

Oil and/or UV Dye Injection

Oil and/or UV Dye injection is carried out automatically controlled by electronic load cells. The unit automatically inject same amount of recovered oil back in the A/C system.

Patented plastic containers for oil and UV dye hermetically seal the contents from environmental air. This protects hygroscopic refrigerant oil from humidity.

Refrigerant Charge

Key in the correct charge quantity on the keypad or select the vehicle from the a/c capacity database (cars and trucks), open the valves and the machine does the rest.

Automatic Cycle Mode

In the Automatic cycle mode, all the operations (Refrigerant Recovering and Recycling, Recovered Oil Drain, Evacuation and Refrigerant Charging) are performed automatically one after the other in ONE CYCLE.