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 Ariazone 5001HD Automatic (R-134a)

Automotive A/C Service Station

The system provides electronically controlled functions whilst keeping the operator constantly informed and in full control. This unit has been designed and built for work in heavy-duty conditions with a high level of reliability including maximum safety for the operator.

The unit is suitable for servicing passenger and commercial vehicle air-conditioning systems


Ariazone 5001HD is a user-friendly tool specifically designed for the automotive air-con technicians, to carry out the following functions:

Testing air-con system
Two gauges mounted on the front panel for easy viewing will assist the technician in performing A/C system testing and diagnosis.

Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling
The refrigerant is reconditioned during the recovery process making it possible to re-use it immediately. The unit accurately measures the amount of recovered refrigerant. After each recovery process, the oil is collected in an efficient oil separator and automatically discharged into a calibrated oil container attached to the back of the machine

The powerful two-stage vacuum pump ensures a deep vacuum and the removal of any residual moisture from the system.

Oil and/or UV Dye Injection
Refrigerant oil or/and UV dye can be injected (manually) in the a/c system after the evacuation from calibrated plastic oil containers at the back of the machine.

Refrigerant Charge
Key in the correct charge quantity on the keypad and the machine does the rest.

Automatic Cycle Mode
In the Automatic cycle mode, all the operations (Refrigerant Recovering and Recycling, Recovered Oil Drain, Evacuation and Refrigerant Charging) are performed automatically one after the other in ONE CYCLE.

Technical Data:


Storage cylinder capacity

Vacuum pump capacity

Vacuum level

Refrigerant recovery rate

Service hoses


Max. operating pressure

Operating voltage


Dimensions (W x D x H)



Service interval

Shipping weight


27kg (60lb)

100 l/min (3.5CFM) – Dual stage

30 microns

0.38kg (0.8lb) /min (liquid state at 25oC)

3m (10 ft), R134a quick couplers

LP & HP – D 68 mm (2.5”) kl.1.0 (Bar & PSI)

22 bar (320PSI), 50C ambient temperature

220 – 240 VAC / 50-60Hz,

Sturdy all-steel construction

62cm (24”) x 60cm (23”) x 112 cm (43”)

85 kg (187lb)


Automatic indicator


Key Features:

  • Monitors A/C system working pressure
  • Recovers and recycles refrigerant with a pause function
  • Evacuates system with pause and timed function
  • Oil and UV dye injection
  • Electronically charges with high accuracy
  • Automatic (all-in-one) cycle

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