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Ariazone 601 HD (R134a)

Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling Unit

A lightweight, durable refrigerant recovery/recycle unit ideal for the mobile specialist or small workshop professional

The unit is suitable for servicing passenger and commercial vehicle air-conditioning systems


Ariazone 601HD is lightweight refrigerant recovery & recycling designed to be user-friendly and efficient for every user.

The unit is designed and built for work in heavy-duty conditions with a high level of reliability including maximum safety for the operator

Fully automatic system, simply connect the unit to the air conditioning system, switch it ON and walk away. The 601HD will take care of the rest.

The unit is designed to be:

– User-friendly (automatic liquid control and recovery complete cutoff).

– Safe (built-in high-pressure protection).

– Efficient (fast recovery and recycling provided by built-in oil separator and large capacity filter dryer).

– Durable (hermetic recovery pump with thermal protection).

– Simple for maintenance (easily accessible large filter dryer).

Technical Data:


Recovery Pump

Recovery rate

Inbuilt Oil Separator

Inbuilt Large Filter Dryer

Refrigerant recovery rate

Seff Cleaning

Service hoses with ball valves


Max. operating pressure

Operating voltage


Dimensions (W x D x H)



Danfoss – TL5G

210 grams/min (liquid state)

AI 100/76/1 (sinter bronze separator)

AI 162-1/4” (solid core)

0.22kg (0.5lb) /min (liquid state at 25oC)

Self purge feature with ball valve

Suction 150cm (5 ft), Discharge 90cm (3 ft)

LP & HP – D 68 mm (2.5”) kl.1.6 (Bar & PSI)

22 bar (320PSI), 50C ambient temperature

220 – 240 VAC / 50-60Hz,

Sturdy all steel construction

23cm (9”) x 38cm (15”) x 22 cm (8.5”)

16 kg (35lb)

Key Features:

  • Built-in suction and discharge gauges
  • High-capacity heat exchangers
  • Large filter drier
  • Large recovery pump with thermal overload
  • Liquid control protection (recovers liquid and vapour) • High pressure cut out
  • Cooling fan and condenser for large refrigerant recovery • Recovery complete cutout and indicator
  • Self purge function
  • Heavy-duty steel construction coated for durability

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