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Current users who highly recommend Ariazone equipment worldwide include Rolls Royce, JaguarMercedes-Benznz, Volkswagen China, General Motors, Mazda Australia, Proton Malaysia, Volvo Europe and Air International just to name a few. Our rapid expansion has enabled us to expand our manufacturing facility in Europe and add distributors in the U.K., Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and recently Russia, with more opportunities pending.

Ariazone lubricants are used and distributed in Australia through all major auto accessories suppliers and the rest of the world by MAHLE.

In the lubrication division of Ariazone they are continuing to develop oils based on the fully synthetic PAO (polyalphaolefin) lubricant, which contains special additives, is non-hydroscopic presents no compatibility problems with seals or residual lubricants and maintains viscosity at temperatures. It does not require hazardous warning labels. It is safe to handle and poses no risk to humans or vehicle duco.



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