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1st time machine preparation

  • Remove the shrink wrap

    Remove the styrofoam insert behind the cylinder

2 – Calibrate Procedure

  • Press and hold depressed the “STOP” button and switch ON the unit (on the main power switch at back). After few seconds, the unit will enter in setup mode and the display will show the list of available settings:

    TARE – Setup Tare (00.00 kg / ml / Kpa calibration)

    SPAN – Setup Span (weight and pressure calibration)

    CYLINDER & LEAK SETTINGS – Set up of max allowable refrigerant weight in cylinder, oil in recovered oil vessel, minimum allowable refrigerant in the cylinder and leak leak test value.

    WORKING HOURS RESET – To reset the filter replacement interval on new 99 working hours

    RELAYS TESTING – Use this mode to check the wiring, relays, solenoid valves, vacuum pump and recovery pump for electrical continuity.

    PRE–CHARGE – Set the pre-charge value

    REFRIGERANT MANAGEMENT – The operator can read total recovered weight, total charge weight and total refrigerant transfer.

    LANGUAGE – Set the Language

    TIME & DATE – Setup time and date

    PRINTING – To switch off the printer

    ADVANCED SETTINGS – Manufacturer area only

3 – Power up

  • Power up the unit on a main switch (19)

    The unit will perform a lamp test, whereby all LED displays are illuminated. This will enable the operator to determine if any display segments have failed.

    After the sequence has been completed, the displays will indicate: FILT – REMAINING WORKING HOURS XX Hr.

    This is the number of hours left before equipment servicing is required.

    In next sequence the unit is on “Stand by” and the LCD display is showing:

    • The amount of refrigerant in the cylinder (12), – The quantity of new oil in the vessel (10). 
    • The quantity of oil in recovered oil vessel (9)
    • The time is displayed

    If the cylinder is delivered empty, display should indicate approximately 0.00kg of refrigerant in the cylinder (cylinder empty).

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